Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Gun totters commit daylight robbery at doctor’s residence


Jamshedpur, Dec 17: In a broad daylight incident of armed robbery, a gang of robbers decamped with gold ornaments worth Rs 5 lakh and cash worth over Rs 20, 000 from a doctor’s residence-cum-clinic on Water Works Road in Sakchi this morning. The incident has once again open loop holes in safety.

The robbery took place at about 8.30 am when NN Tripathy, the physician was preparing to open his clinic. Revealing about the robbery, Tripathy said that it was 8.30 am when the door bell rang on the ground floor of the two-storied building. Expecting that someone had visited, his wife Radha went over to the door and on opening it she found four visitors.

“They were looking patients as they were clutching their stomach in pain, my wife asked them to come to the clinic. On being said that some patients had visited the clinic, I went over to the clinic though it was too early for attending the patients,” said Tripathy.

While the doctor was advising them to wait for while, as the private clinic run by the retired doctor at the bungalow opens at 9 in the morning, the gang members pushed him forcefully inside the house and got along with him into the house.

“As I asked the visitors and wanted to know who is among them a patient. But suddenly he straightened and fished out a pistol from his waist, declaring that they are there to rob me. Soon the tall youth with his face still covered, stuck the pistol at my temple and brought me inside my house,” said the physician.

Immediately, the criminals pulled out their guns, each holding one firearm, and threatened to kill the doctor when he made the noise.”Taking advantage of a modest hole in the door plate (of the room where victims were put into captivation) we unlocked the door bolts somehow and came out,” said the doctor.

In the meantime, doctor’s elderly wife and daughter came out from their respective rooms on hearing the noise but they were overpowered and taken into captivity and were locked up in an adjacent room along with the doctor.

They robbed the cash (about Rs 10,000) and ornaments, the robbers had confined them in the Puja Room and fled the scene having bolted the room from outside.

The victims called up the police several hours after the armed robbers left the spot.

Tripathy said a police party had reached their house by 11 am and started investigating into the robbery intensely.
Radha while narrating her experience said that they were quite helpless as the masked armed men were at a looting spree at her house.

Superintendent of police (city) Kartik S, deputy superintendent of police (city) KN Chowdhury had visited the place of occurrence on getting the information about the robbery.Sakchi officer-in-charge, IB Ojha when said they are trying to solve the case by arresting the criminals involved in the crime.

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