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Govt. should establish a film industry in Jamshedpur: Khalid Sheikh


Jamshedpur, May 17: Bollywood choreographer Khalid Sheikh (Bob) on Wednesday said that an artist has no boundaries and is not constraint to a caste or a religion.

Artist through art work entertains the people and also shows the path of development. The steel city boasts of a lot of artists with talent but there is need to provide a platform so that they can move forward, added Bob.

Talking to the mediapersons after inaugurating Dance Studio in Mango, Khalid Sheikh informed how dance helps one remain physically and mentally fit. ‘Jharkhand government should come forward and establish a film industry in Jamshedpur so that the talent of Kolhan can be engraved’, added the choreographer.

He further said that once the film industry is established the film business will grow which inturn will generate jobs. Bollywood choreographer further said that once the film industry is set up then the shooting will also start and talent of the artists will be telecasted through You Tube and other TV channels.

There is no shortage of locations to shoot a film in Jamshedpur and nearby locations. The absence of film industry is hampering the talent of the artists and they don’t have the right platform to showcase their skills.

Present on the occasion, proprietor of Dance Studio Puja Agarwal said, the mian motive behind opening the dance studio is to provide right platform to the artists. ‘We are focusing on poor and deprived children this is the reason we are providing free training to the children from School of Hope, Chesire Home and Sankalp.

Present on the occasion were Sangeeta Agarwal, Payal Rustogi, Kumar Kunal, Sudhir Agarwal, Rajesh Pasari, Vijay Agarwal, Ashish Kumar, Faiyaz Ahmed, Priya Pandey, Manjeet, Piyush Kumar and others were present.

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