Saturday, December 2, 2023

Government�s CNT ACT initiative beyond grasp: Babulal Marandi

Jamshedpur, Sep 28: The decision of Jharkhand Government to make amendments to the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act (CNT) has been viewed by several political parties as hurrying up process.

Talking about the issue, the first Chief Minister of the state and JVM (P) Supremo Babulal Marandi said, amendments to the bill is need of the hour but not for one�s own interest but keeping in mind the concern of the whole state and society.

Marandi was talking to the media persons at Circuit House after attending a program in the city. The government should move from Revenue Thana to state level on the land sale and purchase.

Marandi further said that no one should allow purchasing land above one Dicimile as it is enough for a person to build a house.

If this restriction is not made then rich would buy unlimited land where poor will become poorer.

Hemant soren led government is rushing up with the things otherwise when the government was formed then only they should have declared, now as the government is heading towards the door the decsion to make amendments is going out of my reach, former CM signed off.

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