Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Goons again raise heads at Tatanagar dropping line

Jamshedpur: Passengers are once again being harassed by goons at Tatanagar dropping line. The goons, staff of the parking area, are demanding illegal charges from passengers and instances of rough behavior on the part of the parking attendants are once again on a high. These boorish parking attendants with sticks in hand force passengers to pay up and occasionally rough them up.
In spite of �Free Parking� board displayed prominently at the dropping line, the parking lot goons carry on with their nefarious ways. An instance is that of Adityapur resident Mukesh Kumar who had come to drop his brother at 9:45 last night who had to travel by the Hamsafar Express. As Mukesh was leaving, his auto was stopped by the parking attendants. Initially, Mukesh argued with these men and as a result, pushed around by them. Finally, Mukesh had to dish out Rs 20 before the auto rickshaw was allowed to leave.
An angry Mukesh wrote his grievance in the complaint register. He has also claimed that he had brought the incident to the notice of the DRM and south-eastern zone�s rail GM.

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