Sunday, December 10, 2023

Goats may come and goats may go but men will go on forever (?)

Jamshedpur, July 26: Well, that seems to be the order of the past few days at Ambagan Maidan.

With Bakri Eid, a major festival of the Muslim community to be celebrated on August 1,

goat sellers have been crowding at the Ambagan Maidan along with purchasers but without observance of social distancing or wearing masks.

The police have urged them and as a last resort, chased them away in view of the upsurge in COVID positive cases in the city.

But all the urgings and chases have seemingly gone in vain as the crowds are back with the ´┐Żnormal´┐Ż

scene of sellers and buyers who are oblivious to the dangers of spreading the coronavirus infection.

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