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Goal For Green: Jamshedpur FC�s first match aims at sustainability

Focus on avoiding single use plastic and zero waste pile up at Jamshedpur land fills

Jamshedpur: The first JFC home match of the Indian Super League (ISL) 2018-19 season played out today at the JRD Stadium today with a big win for the cause of sustainability with a concerted effort around single use plastic reduction and waste management resulting in the first such eco-friendly event this ISL season at Jamshedpur and the harbinger of many more to come.

Tata Steel, JUSCO and JFC management have taken major steps in curtailing the usage of single use plastic at JRD Tata Sports Complex. Meals that were earlier served in plastic box have been replaced with multi-use boxes served in cardboard box. Instead of plastic bags, paper bags have been introduced and water provided in disposable paper glasses, limiting the use of plastic bottles.

There has been considerable reduction in the usage of ‘Flex’ which is a plastic based media for printing banners and other outdoor branding and promotional material.

In the Hospitality (H) and Premium Hospitality (PH) Area, there has been complete elimination of ‘Flex’ material totaling an area of 8000 square feet. The same has been replaced with plywood and painting as alternative media. The dining hall, glass PH corrido?, entry tunnel to the galleries for PH and H are now ‘Flex’ free. On the West Stand, the front facia branding has been produced with large format eco-friendly fabric printing instead of ‘Flex’.

The conversion of ‘Flex’ to fabric covers approximately 9000 square feet. There has been drastic cut down in the usage of ‘Flex’ from other areas in the stadium as well.

Mukul Chaudhary, Chief Executive Officer, Jamshedpur Football Club, said; �JFC is committed to the cause of sustainability. It is our constant endeavor to go green, especially during matches at Jamshedpur when we have the opportunity to ensure that along with our large fan base we conduct events that leave a positive imprint on the environment, while also spreading the message of going green�

On the sustainable waste management front steps have been taken to ensure compliance to waste management rules 2016. The waste generated during the event will be managed in an environment friendly manner. Color coded bins (Blue for dry waste and Green for wet waste) were strategically placed to ensure waste segregation at source itself.

These were positioned at gallery area and food stalls and managed by a trained team of housekeeping staff to avoid littering. The collected waste would be transported through e-rickshaw in segregated manner to a nearby Dry Waste Collection Center (DWCC) to further ensure that dry waste is sent for recycling and wet waste goes for composting.

All these initiatives will be propagated under the tagline �Goal For Green�

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