Saturday, December 2, 2023

Gangster Aman Sahu raises concerns about jail conditions in Palamau, calls for investigation

Palamau: The prison system faces renewed scrutiny as gangster Aman Sahu, currently incarcerated in Palamu Central Jail, posted a photo on social media shedding light on alleged irregularities. In his post, Sahu claimed that following the media coverage exposing corruption and malpractices involving the jail superintendent and subordinates in Palamu, he has begun to receive better treatment. However, he expressed concern for the remaining 1100 prisoners, questioning the conditions they endure.

Sahu’s social media post highlighted the closure of all telephone centers in Palamu jail on November 9, preventing prisoners from communicating with their families and lawyers to inquire about the published news. He asserted that jail officials intimidate and manipulate prisoners to control the narrative in case of any investigation.

Citing a clear directive from prison headquarters that prohibits personnel, except the jail superintendent and doctor, from carrying mobile phones into the jail, Sahu questioned why ex-serviceman Havildar Chandan Tiwari is permitted to move around the entire jail with a mobile phone.

He raised concerns about deviations from the government-prescribed diet scale for prisoners and questioned the cutting of diets under certain circumstances. Sahu also pointed to the false entries of 100% diet supply in the stock register.

In his social media post, Sahu criticized the non-dispatch of prisoner applications addressing corruption complaints against jail officials. He claimed that prisoners who report corruption are subjected to punishment, including confinement in cells, transfer to other jails, and the withdrawal of sentence remissions.

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