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Ganda Baccha-A film showing the right path of stray youth


By Satish Singh

Writer and Director Mr. Anupam Ghosh’s film “Ganda Baccha” has been released on Hungama, Vi Movies, And TV and MX Player on 3rd September 2021. The music director of this film is Mr. Harsh Vyas, who has also given background music in this film. The protagonist of this film is Mr. Saddam Hussein, whose name is Moin in the film. The entire film revolves around Moin. The film has been shot in Mahmudnagar and its adjoining areas under Malihabad, located near Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Moin is barely brought up by his mother. Somehow, they manage to   make a living by sewing, embroidery & weaving work. Due to lack of money, Moin is able to study only till 10th standard. In the struggle to survive, their lands are also sold. Moin grows up in financial crisis. Nimmi, the heroine of the film, lives in Moin’s neighbourhood. Moin’s friend Junaid also lives in the same village.

Growing up, Moin falls in love with Nimmi. Moin’s mother and Nimmi’s parents remain ready for their nikah, but amid their love, Moin’s unemployment comes. Moin’s friend Junaid also does not do any work, but he wants to earn more money as soon as possible. He comes in touch with a terrorist leader, who gives Junaid a mobile. Another time, Moin also meets to terrorist leader along with Junaid and gets an iPad from the terrorist leader. The terrorist leader also gives a lot of money to both.

Moin’s mother teaches him to be a good person since childhood, but Moin’s mother does not understand that Moin is hanging out with the wrong people. When Moin comes to the house with a lot of money, his mother still does not understand that Moin is on the wrong path.

Moin was not mentally prepared to do wrongdoing. He wanted to live by working hard. He also tries to make a living by selling eggs with Nimmi’s father, but Moin is brainwashed by saying that his father was murdered by a Hindu and that killing the infidels by blasting bombs is for the good of the community. Moin’s father is killed in his childhood in a riot, which Moin doesn’t know, but the leader of terrorist group comes to know of this truth. Meantime, Moin is persuaded by his mother that people involved in riot have no religion, but he doesn’t understand this. Junaid plays an important role in brainwashing Moin.

Moin and Junaid are trained by terrorist leader before detonating the bombs. Thereafter, they detonate a bomb in a crowded area, but soon the police in an encounter kill two of Moin’s associates, while he is arrested by the police. Later on, Moin confesses his crime and is sentenced to death.

The entire film plays in flashback. Moin is locked in a jail, but all the time he remembers the moments gone by in his life since his childhood. Nimmi also commits suicide before Moin is hanged. Thus, two families at once are ruined because of Moin’s folly.

Shilpa Singh plays role in this film as the heroine, whereas Meera Ghosh as the hero’s mother and Anil Rastogi as the religious leader. The voice over at the beginning of the film is by Vijay Raaz ji, which is impressive. Apart from music direction, Shri Harsh Vyas has lent his voice to the songs namely “Tu Hi Tu” and “Azaan”. The azaan has been composed on the lines of the verses of the Markandya Purana. Both songs are melodious.

Anil Rastogi ji has done well in the role of a religious leader. Saddam Hussein has been able to make the role of Moin worthwhile. Shilpa Singh or Nimmi’s acting is fine. Meera Ghosh’s performance in the role of Moin’s mother is good. The direction of film is also good. The film is successful in giving the message that the youth should avoid greed, as we can’t earn money quickly. For this, we have to work hard & you have to sweat.

CAST OF GANDA BACCHA Sadaam Hussein-Moin, Shilpa Singh-Nimmi, Meera Ghosh-Mother, Voice Over-Vijay Raaj, Film Director-Anupam Ghosh, Music Director-Harsh Vyas, Singer-Harsh Vyas, Lyrics-Anupam China

(Author is a senior columnist.  The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected])

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