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Founder’s Day glitter sans traditional effervescence in Jamshedpur

32 roundabouts and heritage buildings to be illuminated   

Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran to attend

Jamshedpur, Feb 27: March 3 has always been an exciting date in the city’s calendar. And why not? Founder’s Day, since one can remember has signified enhanced adrenalin flow among citizens to see Alice’s Wonderland descend on this part of the earth. Magicians who create an enthralling web with their light décor have added mesmerizing dimensions to the thrill of Founder’s Day which has always been a traditional encounter with aesthetic joy.  

However the celebrations this year will be subdued owing the Covid-19 pandemic. Steel City will pay tributes to the founder Jamsteji Nusserwanji Tata on his 182nd birth anniversary.  

The celebrations commemorate the vision of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata after whom the steel city took its name nearly a century ago. The theme this year is ‘Agile today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’. Chairman of Tata Group N Chandrasekaran will participate in the celebration.  

Addressing the media on Saturday at Beldih Club, Chanakya Chaudhary, said that due to pandemic the celebration has been curtailed to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy and also follow the social distancing norms. The founder’s statue and some areas in Jubilee Park have been illuminated. The illumination is not open for public viewing like in the past but it is just a symbolic. “In all the events we are making it sure that there is no mass gathering. Inside works too there will be no floats. Even the contingents paying floral tributes will also be in less in numbers,” informed the vice president.

He further said: “It is our privilege and responsibility to carry forward the legacy of our Founder, J N Tata. His passion and resolve for a sustainable tomorrow still resonates in everything that we do today. We are proud to celebrate this vision on his 182nd birth anniversary.” This year, the celebrations will be subdued in view of COVID-19. However, the spirit to pay homage to the Founder is intact and there will be few programmes oganised with limited physical participation to mark the occasion.

Founder’s Day sports at JRD Sports Complex

The Founder`s Day celebrations at Jamshedpur Works will be live streamed for employees as well as for a select group of Jamshedpur citizens. In view of the pandemic, the sporting activities at JRD Sports Complex will also be restricted to “no contact” sports like running, long jump and race walk.

Chandrasekaran to inaugurate Nawal Tata Hockey Academy

Senior GM (Jamshedpur Town Operation), Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited Dhananjay Mishra informed that on March 2 Chairman N Chandrasekaran will inaugurate Nawal Tata Hockey Academy. The company has also illuminated 32 roundabouts and 13 heritage buildings as part of the celebration. The lightings will be done from March 2 to March 5. At postal park in Bistupur Chairman will pay tribute to the founder.   

Founder’s Day was first instituted by Tata Steel on March 3, 1932. It was D N Madan, Chief Accountant, Tata Iron and Steel Company, who first conceived the idea of observing and celebrating an annual gathering to commemorate the birth anniversary of J.N. Tata. Founder’s day provided him with an opportunity of expressing his regard for the memory of the genius to whose faith and adjustment, energy and perseverance, the works, the towns and the environs of Jamshedpur bear enduring witness.

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