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Forty kilogram tumor removed from stomach of Jamshedpur lady

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Jamshedpur, June 22: Dasi Karmakar, a 65 year old woman of Pathar village in Baharagora recently got a second go at life when a 40 kilogram tumor in her stomach was surgically extracted by popular surgeon Dr Nagendra Singh at the Ganga Memorial Hospital and Research Centre at Dimna road in Mango. The operation took four and half hours. Dr Singh was assisted by Dr Dilip Kumar, Dr Rudra Pratap, Dr Sanjiv Kumar and Dr Manjula Srivastav in this delicate surgery. Dasi Karmakar was successfully operated upon on June 16 on the urging of parliamentarian Bidyut Baran Mahto.

According to information made available, Dasi Karmakar had been ailing since the past 20 years with stomach ailment. She resorted to homeopathic treatment but that aggravated the condition. She felt extreme pain while walking or sitting and had breathing problems. She visited major hospitals where she was given medicines to contain the growth of tumor. The doctors opined that surgery at that juncture was risky.

Ultimately Dasi Karmakar got admitted to Ganga Memorial Hospital and Research Centre for treatment under Ayushman Bharat Yojna. Diagnosis revealed that she had a huge tumor in her stomach and it required immediate surgery which could be risky. If the tumor burst, it could be life threatening. It took ten days of blood transfusion to get her ready for the surgery.

Dasi Karmakar was operated upon on June 16 last. The tumor was stuck to the intestine. Dr Singh said, �The situation was so acute that it was difficult to ascertain if the tumor was of the intestine or mesentery or amri. The tumor was so huge that it was a poser for us to extract it intact. The biggest fear that lurked was the tumor could burst in the stomach itself. However, the operation was successful. The patient is now recuperating in ICU. She is out of danger and is talking.�

Dr Nagendra Singh admitted that in his 30 years of experience in medical surgery he had never seen such a huge tumor that weighed 40 kilograms. The weight of the patient is just 35 kilos.

Dasi Karmakar is a daily wage earner and her pecuniary condition is fragile. It was because of this that her operation was kept in abeyance. Some hospitals refused to operate on her because of her poverty while others found it too risky.

Her treatment and surgery was done free of cost. �I am extremely happy with the success of the operation and happier still seeing the patient�s confidence and recovery. Removing this huge tumor was indeed an experience,� said Dr Nagendra Singh.

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