Saturday, December 9, 2023

Footpath vendors removed from Jamshedpur’s Sakchi market

Jamshedpur, March 31: The district administration has re-launched drive after the foot-path vendors who were removed from the Sakchi marketplace by the local administration had resumed their business by setting up make-shift shops at the same place. According to information about 60 vendors had put up their shops at Sakchi market.

A team of police force carried the drive and stopped the unauthorised foot-path vendors. An official said that the administration is serious about the rising encroachment in the city. Steps are being taken to ensure hassle free traffic. Vendors have been warned not to put up their shops on the footpaths.

Along with the administrative officials and the police were the officials of Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) who helped the police in carrying out the anti-encroachment drive.

“As per our information the evicted foot-path vendors had started putting up their make-shift shops.  Today, the vendors had turned up to set up their make-shift shops in a greater number.  We, therefore, prompted to launch a fresh drive against them and removed them all once again,” said a JNAC official.

He said that foot-path vendors have been asked that they not be allowed to encroach any vacant portion inside the Sakchi market as it will be used for parking vehicles and facilitating the customers to walk freely.

Notably, the local administration with the help of JNAC and utility company Jusco had cleared the Sakchi market free from congestion.  After the effective anti-encroachment drive, the administration had created enough space where the JNAC has set up parking lots in more than one spot inside the marketplace.

A senior official said that after the anti-encroachment drive last year, the administration had taken photographs of the encroachment free Sakchi market and now they would maintain the same status as the act of putting up shops on the pavement would create immense inconvenience to the people.

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