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Flash rains expose JNAC’s lack of preparedness; water logging in low-lying areas


Jamshedpur, July 4: Heavy rains, around 102 mm, has exposed gaps in local urban bodies preparedness to tackle monsoon in low-lying residential areas in city as more than 800 residents of Adarshnagar locality (comprising several apartments) in Sonari spent Sunday night with knee-deep water.

The worst affected was Phase – 7 of Adarshnagar, which has nearly 70-odd flats, and where water inundation happened due to blockage of drain outlet. It is worth mentioning here that despite issuing a tender for constructing the drain, the Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC), failed to achieve the task before the monsoon.

According to information areas like Mango, Jugsalai, Baghbera, and Pardih have been worst hit.

Many parts of Mango and Jugsalai are still under knee-deep water, making it difficult for people to move. Most of the roads are dotted with stalled vehicles, adding to the chaos. In some low-lying areas, several auto-rickshaws have been reported stranded in water.

However, despite claims of the district administration, the situation in the city may get worse if steps are not taken to remove water clogging in several areas and take other preventive measures.

 “Though water has started receding but the fear is still looming large on us,” said a reside4nt of Sonari.  Residents also complained that several cars and bikes have been sent for repairing to garages, as they were submerged in the dirty water.

State food and civil supplies minister and Jamshedpur West MLA Saryu Roy said, “I visited several areas yesterday late evening and have spoken to the East Singhbhum deputy commissioner Amit Kumar and JNAC special officer Dipak Sahay to immediately construct drains alongside roads for outlet of drain water from the residential apartments as a temporary measure and construct permanent drains for proper outlet of drain water after monsoon,” said Roy.

 An official of JNAC said that work for constructing temporary drains alongside roads for outlet of drain water has begun today morning following directive of the minister.

“We are concerned over the plight and have started construction of temporary drains for outlet of drain water from the residential apartments which would be linked to big drains.

We had taken out tender for construction of drains much before the monsoon but construction work could not begin due to underground cables and encroachment,” he said.

The JNAC official also said that bleaching powder has been sprinkled near all the flats and apartments.

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