Wednesday, November 29, 2023

First fixed Bio-Toilet inaugurated at Tata Steel Works

Jamshedpur: The first fixed bio-toilet unit located at Auction Yard Gate was inaugurated yesterday by Suresh Dutt Tripathi, VP (HRM), and Chairman Amenities Committee. Madhulika Sharma, Chief, Infrastructure Planning & Development, Gopal Prasad Choudhary, Chief of Security, Martin Shah, Secretary, Amenities Committee, Adi Narayan, Alternate Chairman, Amenities Committee, V R Swaminathan, Head, Sales and other members of the Amenities Committee were present on the occasion.

The construction of a conventional toilet and connecting it to the main sewer line was a great challenge due to the remote location of the area. The problem as such was discussed with the R&D team which came up with the idea of having a Bio-toilet. The concept was then developed by the Nest-In team of Marketing and Sales and was implemented as a pilot unit inside Steel Works under the guidance of Infrastructure Planning and Development Department.

The bio-toilet uses an innovative, affordable, durable and eco-friendly construction solution developed by Tata Steel under the brand `Nest-In� and uses the Nest-In methodology for wall construction and has a Bio-digester for solid waste disposal. The unit has 2 toilets of 27 sq. ft., one each for male & female workers. Both the toilets are fitted with Electrical & Plumbing fittings etc.

The bio-toilet has been fitted with a 1000 litres Bio-digester that requires no sewage-line connection or additional septic tanks for disposal of solid waste from toilets. The bio-digester is filled with 400 litres of bacterial which eats up the solid waste and generates colorless, odourless water and gas which is continuously let off to the atmosphere. These bio-toilets are eco-friendly and can be installed anywhere within a few days as it does not require a septic tank and conventional sewage system connection.

The bio-toilet at the Scrap Gate is a pilot construction and will be replicated at various locations in the Steel Works where installing a conventional toilet is difficult due to remote location. This initiative is part of the on-going journey towards providing better civic amenities to everyone working inside the Steel Works.

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