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When Fire strikes, move out, stay out: little flower school

Jamshedpur, April 16: The students of Little Flower School, with the assistance of their teachers, organised a special assembly on �Fire Safety� on 16th April 2014 as part of the Fire Safety Week observed by Tata Motors Ltd.

Students dressed in costumes, carried aloft placards to remind the audience about the Fire Safety Rules they learn in school � a special one read �Fire is a good servant, but a bad master�.

A few others read �Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow� �Fire is deadly�, �Fire is hot, be careful�. The programme concluded with a melodious rendition by the students of the Junior Glee Club which reinforced the message �if you see a fire, never ever hide, think of a safe place, and quickly go outside�.

Further, the officials of the Fire Safety Department of Tata Motors Ltd. have been requested to speak to the students on the importance of safety measures in school, followed by a demonstration on extinguishing fires, next week.

While all measures are taken to educate the students and prevent a fire, it is always our desire to never have to deal with such a situation.

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