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Father deserves acceptance as a person


June 20th: Father’s Day

By Amit Singh Kushwaha

Painting is something that my four-year-old daughter enjoys doing. Due to the second wave of coronavirus, my city was put on lockdown for two months. As a result, she was unable to paint with watercolor. The marketplaces have now reopened once everything has returned to normal. I bought a packet of watercolors for my kid on my way home from work in the evening. I gave the girl some paint and blank papers and told her to create whatever she wanted.

She began drawing on her own initiative. She created three distinct images. The images included a girl, a house, and ice cream. Yes, she is an ice cream fanatic. I spent an hour with my daughter during this time. I was thinking about how vital it is for a father to spend time with his kids. Children will remember the special moments spent with their father. This is a moment in life that will never be repeated.

The significance of a father in one’s life cannot be overstated. A father must strike a balance between his professional and familial obligations. Every father’s top priority is to provide better care and facilities for his children. In the midst of it all, a father who is also a guy feels alone or isolated. Men’s lives are made more difficult and confusing by our male-dominated culture.

The majority of fathers strive to conceal their emotions and feelings. Even men found it difficult to cry openly and were often obliged to hold back their tears. Fathers’ contributions to shaping lives are acknowledged by all successful sons and daughters. The image of a man as a strong person who must not make mistakes is shaped by his responsibilities to his family. A parent is considered irresponsible if he is unable to meet the requirements of his children.

These expectations make fathers appear to be guys with a lot of emotional turmoil, and they are unable to display the true men. To begin with, fathers are human beings with equal rights to live life on their own terms and make mistakes unintentionally.

Father’s Day is a day dedicated to honouring fathers and recognising fatherhood, paternal bonds, and fathers’ influence in society. It will be held on June 20th this year. We must accept fathers as individuals with broader viewpoints. They must live honestly, with no boundaries in terms of relationships or social ideas. This is a wonderful Father’s Day present for all fathers.

(The author is a rehabilitation professional and a freelance writer based in Madhya Pradesh. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected])  

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