Saturday, June 10, 2023

Ekal Abhiyan stresses on uplift of Adivasis and forest dwellers


Chaibasa, Jan.18: Ekal Abhiyan organized �Ekal Pranam�, a grand program at Chaibasa Sports Association ground on Wednesday. The chief guest of the occasion was the state BJP spokesperson and Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) member J B Tubid.

Addressing the volunteer teachers of Ekal Abhiyan, Tubid said that the light of knowledge dispels the darkness of ignorance.

Ekal Abhiyan institutions are spread in and around the country with the strength of 54,000 institutions imparting education to 1.40 crore students in the tribal areas and remote parts of our country.

Tubid said the Ekal Abhiyan concept was launched by him with the help of one of his colleagues, Rakesh, a renowned nuclear scientist from Jaipur.

�The intuition first hit us at Ratanpur Tanjniya in Kundi Block under Dhanbad district in the year 1980. The mission was further led by Shyamji Gupta and his effort was even appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Ekal Abhiyan has grown like a big baniyan tree. The Ekal Abhiyan provides education and culture to the students of forest dwellers,� said Tubid.

The TAC member added further, �I personally feel that a culture should also develop in politics that can be inculcated by the dedicated volunteers of Ekal Abhiyan. The year 2017 has been declared as a year for the welfare of the poor and we expect Ekal Abhiyan volunteers to cooperate with the government. Ekal Abhiyan has its origins in Jharkhand.�

Tubid also gave assurance to the Ekal volunteers to extend all possible help in their efforts. Shaymji Gupta said the nation cannot be built by leaders and bureaucrats. �Had it been so after 70 years of Independence, we would have been economically and educationally sound.

Ekal Mission is meant for the development of the society and led by the volunteers and moralist social workers. We emphasize that the devotion and strength would take India on the pedestal of world guru. Ekal mission �s volunteers should unite and work to bring about the changes in the life style of forest dwellers by spreading awareness on education and health, especially eradication of alcoholism.

Ekal Abhiyan based on the Ideas of Swami Vivekanad Shyamji speeches were delivered in harmony with Ramayan aphorism sung by Ramayan chorus group. Vedic mantras were also enchanted by the Ekal people. A large Number of Ekal Abhiyan volunteers participated in the event.

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