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Easing the board exam pressure: Psychiatrists and counsellors lend a helping hand to Jamshedpur school students

Jamshedpur, Feb 19: Examinations have always remained a stressful matter for an individual at any stage of life. Growing peer pressure, night revisions, the need to fetch the highest grades, and the desire to be outstanding can be the dreams of parents but many students do not feel the same way.

With ICSE and CBSE examinations about to begin and kicking-off of State board�s matric and intermediate exams, students are bound to pile on themselves additional mental pressure to prepare for them. Games, movies, television and other leisure activities are stopped for the preparations of examinations. Students are not found at cinema houses, restaurants and other places of entertainment during the examination days.

While CBSE has started its online counselling for students from February 1, several city- based organisations are helping students cope with stress this board exam season.

Gurpreet Kaur, deputy director, ‘Jeevan’, city-based suicide prevention centre said that the centre has shared the soft copies of posters of do’s and don’ts during exams with all the schools. They have the printed ones at their centre too in case they want the hard copies. �We have also requested all the schools to share our contact numbers 9297777499/ 9297777500 with the students through their messaging system and request them to contact us immediately in case they feel stressed. The centre has also shared the soft copy of a letter to parents in which there are certain guidelines on how to keep the home environment stress free so that their children can perform better.

All this might turn out to be a frightening experience but doctors advise following a normal routine to avoid the added stress when exams are on one�s doorstep. Extra stress and mental pressure adds to the anxiety of the little learners and may result in slip-ups during the finals.

Father Pius Fernandes, principal, Loyola School advises students to take care of their health during the exam preparations and follow a normal routine during this period. Parents should play a supportive role at this stage.

 �Examinations are for everyone and have a well-defined role in a person�s life. Students should be motivated by their parents and not overburdened by the pressure to perform. Emphasise on building confidence and help their children succeed,� said the principal.

 �One must try to maintain one�s usual daily routine and not refrain from refreshment  and relaxation. Anything in continuity can be hazardous. Make exams a part of life, break the silence and never treat it as an unusual phenomenon taking place. Live life and do well,� advised a psychiatrist to the students studying for the Boards this year.

�Students mostly complain of stomachache, headache and fever. Due to the lack of a nutritious diet, children are likely to contract chicken pox during the exam time,� said Dr Sanjay Singh, medical practitioner at a private clinic in the city.

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