Sunday, July 3, 2022

Drive against traffic rule violators, spot fine on riders without helmet

Jamshedpur : After a brief respite, the Jamshedpur police have once again intensified the drive against vehicle owners violating traffic rules and regulations in the city.

In a bid to curb the mounting accidents and to enforce strictly road discipline in the city, the drive started kicked off near Jubilee Park that connects Bistupur with Sakchi, the busiest areas of the city. A number of vehicles were seized and banned air horns removed.

Leading the drive traffic police official said that the rising cases of crimes have prompted Jamshedpur administration to step up security measures.

Sources said that several four wheelers were fined and had their tinted films stripped off from their windows. “We have been asked to increase vigil in the city and ensure safety for women especially.

The drive which would continue till further order from the district administration is based on the Supreme Court order prohibiting use of tinted films in vehicles,” said an official.

He said that many people in the city use tinted glasses in their vehicles and SUVs without dark glasses are rare here. In many cases, owner of a vehicle uses flag of a certain political party to avoid the cops.

A fine of Rs 270 was levied on two wheelers violating traffic norms like riding without helmets. Once again, violation of helmet rule dominated the list of errors committed by two-wheeler users. Many were fined for driving without possessing a helmet or driving without wearing it.

The officials claim that periodic checks have resulted in decline in fatal accident rates in the city. Further, periodic drives enabled the traffic police to book more cases against the violators.

In Jamshedpur also the rule of helmet for bike riders is in place. Also as per the existing traffic rules, to promote the use of helmets, petrol pumps are directed not to sale fuels to bikers if they don’t wear helmets. Most of the petrol pump owners have even pasted pamphlets at many places proclaiming, no helmet no fuel.

But the implementation of the traffic rules and especially the rules for bikers is very poor. No petrol pump is seen returning any bikers though majority of the ‘daredevil bikers’ don’t care to wear helmets. And even the traffic DSP accepts fissures in implementation of the traffic rules.

“‘Helmet for pillion riders’ rule is very good one if this is implemented. But even existing ‘helmet for bikers rule’ is not followed here and police don’t care.

As things stand the traffic rules are always violated by people and police ignore. To see whether or not the traffic rules are followed they run their so-called special drive and then go for rest,” said a college going student Ravi Kumar.

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