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Chhath rush at Bihar bound trains, extra coaches for long distance trains

Jamshedpur : Tatanagar railway administration is taking initiatives to cope with the rush of passengers going to various destinations for Chhath festival. With Chhath round the corner all Bihar-bound passenger trains either originating or passing through Tatanagar and long distance buses are witnessing a huge rush of passengers.

Waiting lists for several long-distance trains, headed for the neighbouring state, have crossed the 150 mark. The Tata-Chapra Link Express and the Purushottam Superfast Express, which halt at various stations in Bihar, have already hit no-room status for three days from October 25. Chhath, one of the biggest festivities in Bihar and Jharkhand, will be celebrated on October 29 and 30 this year.

Sources at the computerised passenger reservation centre at Tatanagar revealed that the Tata-Danapur Superfast Express and the Durg-Danapur South Bihar Express show long waiting lists between October 24 and 29.

Railway officials at the commercial department said they had sent a requisition to the headquarters of South Eastern Railway in Calcutta for additional sleeper coaches in all trains to buffer the Chhath crowd.
Tatanagar station manager Awtar Singh said that they are taking extra care this time to provide relief to the commuters travelling in general coaches as they are the ones who have to bear the brunt of the menace created by some anti-social elements.

“Chhath is an important festival for the people of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Every year people in large number visit their native places. We will make sure that we provide a comfortable journey to the commuters. We will also ensure that the commuters do not face any problem due to unwarranted behaviour of any anti-social elements,” noted the station manager.

No reservation is available in three trains– Tata-Danapur Superfast Express, Tata-Chapra Link Express and Durg-Danapur South Bihar Express in the four days, as it has reached the “no room” status. Reservation is also not available in Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Express and Jallianwalla Bagh Express that passes through Gaya and other destinations in Bihar.

Besides, Tata -Chapra Link Express, Tata-Danapur Superfast Express and Durg-Danapur South Bihar Express that have reported cent per cent occupancy for Chhath, passengers have been seeking reservation in other trains passing through important junctions in Bihar.

Another official said that the facility of additional coaches would be provided till the rush reduces.
Sources informed that in order to handle the rush of passengers during the festival season, the railway authorities have started monitoring the waiting list of commuters on a daily basis so that they could add extra coaches to the trains according to need.

U K Srivastava, a senior functionary, Chotanagpur Passengers Association said that thousands of people from the steel city and other places visit Bihar during this time to celebrate Chhath with their families there, and as a result, getting reservations become difficult.

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