Wednesday, September 27, 2023

District police to strengthen mechanism for controlling crime

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Jamshedpur: Concerned over the rising crime cases, the East Singhbhum district police have decided to strengthen its mechanism for controlling crime in the steel city.

The crime has shot up this year, going by the increasing number of petitions and complaints that the police are receiving.

SSP Anoop T Mathew said that officials of Technical Special Cell (TSC) know how detect call record against a mobile number and how to track the caller by carrying out mobile phone surveillance within seconds.� But what we need is to strengthen the cell.

Another senior official said when the cell is functioning effectively, what they need is to spread its wings to various police stations and police offices, including the police control room so that after tracking the
location of a caller from the TSC, the police action team on the other end must be ready to act instantly.

He pointed out that for making the police stations cyber savvy, they must get the police stations equipped with computers and the necessary accessories.

“When the police officials get well-conversant with the computer, then they will be able to find out the case history of any criminal at a click of a mouse� sitting at any corner of the state.�

When we get the dossier of any criminal without making further delay, then it be an easy for find out the whereabouts of the criminal in question,” said the official.

The police have also initiated an open dialogue session with residents of Sidhgora police station area to address cases of harassment against women which have sprouted in the Steel City recently. Police said regular meetings in different police station areas will be held in the future.

According to insiders, the meeting was held after two recent incidents in the city. The first being the communal violence incident and the second involved two school girls jumping off a running bus after they were harassed.
Deputy police superintendent (headquarter one) K N Mishra, who was also present at the meet, said “Crime and criminals will be controlled when people cooperate with police.”

Mathew recently announced to strengthen peace committees at the police station level to address law and order matters issues more effectively.

The newly appointed SSP said that the police administration will ensure strict vigil and better law and order system here.

The officer went on to add that involving the community and educating them may effectively address the crime. The concept of community policing has also been introduced in many states.

In this initiative, community support is sought to help police in crime prevention, giving information about any anti-social or criminal activity in the area and helping police in arrest of proclaimed offenders.

�We will also increase the night vigil and patrolling. Special check points would be installed during late hours in various sectors.

Notably, of late there has been a spurt in the crime of loot, snatching, eve-teasing and drunk-driving at the steel city.

The people, especially the women and girls are not safe as the criminals and other miscreants have a free run committing loot and snatching with impunity.

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