Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Devotion and faith lead to God: Shastri

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Jamshedpur: On the second day of the week long Srimad Bhagwat recitation and elucidation at the Shiv-Durga-Hanuman Mandir in Society Colony, Parsudih, Acharya Prasann Kumar Shastri narrated the story of King Parikshit who renounced his kingdom and left for the jungle to meditate.

�King Parikshit took decisions for the benefit of the people in his kingdom,� said the Acharya.

He explained, �It is human greatness when a person asks for pardon but it is Divine to pardon a wrong doer. Cleanliness of the conscience and spirit, purity in family life and purification of wealth are the ways in which God blesses believers.�

While speaking on Kunti, Shastri pointed out that Karn�s mother opted for sorrow over happiness from God because when He grants a boon to devotees, they tend to forget the Creator while, on the other hand, the Lord is remembered during the period of sorrow. Shastri said, �God blesses all with happiness and stands by during adverse circumstances. Have faith on Him. Devotion and faith are the pathways that lead to God. The Srimad Bhagwat Gita is the amalgam of all scriptures, all religions.�

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