Thursday, April 22, 2021

Deserting leaders play the game of deceit and deception

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By Muneer Shamee

The saying ” A friend in need is a friend indeed”, is not applicable to our politicians of country. Support to the political party is partly and totally based on personal interest. Often leaders play the treacherous game of deceit and deception. The root of problem lies that party affiliation or symbol is not based on principles or ideologies but to capture throne, power or position for individual and groups. In the sense some leaders are fair- weather friend. Often politicians are accused of criminal crimes and got elected in the various polls conducted across the country. Numerous politicians who hold high position and elected in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha are accused of criminal charge. The number may be large or small the fact remains as usual.

Often tainted leaders change their party symbols to efface their mark of criminal cases or corruption against them. Before elections they desert their old party in lieu of money, extra power and their inability to perform. Four times Trinamol Congress MLA Arjun Singh switch sides to BJP after he had been denied ticket in Lok Sabha from Barrackpore. Jaya Prada- once a star candidate of the Samajwadi Party also changed party for selfish need. Kirti Azad former cricketer who had been in saffron party for decades joined the Congress Party. Savitri Bai Phule, Rakesh Sachan, Sukh Ram and Satrughan Sinha also joined Congress leaving his old party. Veteran leader of Biju Janata Dal Damodar Rout and Baijayant Jay Panda joined the BJP.

Dr Ramkrishna Kusmaria joined Indian National Congress when he was denied party ticket of BJP. Tom Vadakkan- a key aide of Sonia Gandhi also joined BJP before Lok Sabha election. Veteran TMC leaders i.e Mukul Roy, Saumitra Khan and Anupam Hazra changed their party and now they are in BJP ministerial posts. Even the former transport minister of West Bengal greedily accepted the saffron party thinking himself of Chief Ministerial candidate. Jitendra Tiwari, former Paschim Bardhman Zilla president, Mayor and MLA of Pandeswar also changed his tactics as opposition claims that he has been afraid of CBI probe and alleged of coal smuggling. Sovan Chaterjee, ex Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and so called tainted leader switched the side for power and position. Desserting leaders quit all their post before joining party are like fresh water fish who migrate easily from time to time.

Not all politicians possess the characteristics described above, majority of politicians have shown integrity and humbleness in their life- long career. Kofi Annan has rightly said, ” Good governance is perhaps the single important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development”. Definitely we have numerous greedy politicians, fraudsters and businesses icons who easily sway their voters. It is our duty to recognize these fair weather friends who gather round us to seek fame, power and money to get rid of these baseless propogandist and their sympathies. Parties should have ideologies so that they remain faithful to their leaders. Our leaders should be free from half-truths, lies, sycophancy and deceits.

(Author is a columnist. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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