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Dengue figure reaching alarming proportions in city

Jamshedpur, Aug. 26 : With dengue figure reaching alarming proportions in city, the East Singhbhum district surveillance unit has focused on desperate measures, in terms of fogging.

A review meeting led by the East Singhbhum deputy commissioner Amit Kumar was held of the health officials.
As of now, 209 dengue positive cases have been reported from East Singhbhum with recorded one death. Last year, 214 dengue positive cases were recorded.

The East Singhbhum integrated disease surveillance program (IDSP) unit official Dr Sahir Pall has issued a letter to all the local urban bodies to change the existing system of fogging, aimed at increasing frequency of the insecticides targeted at eliminating adult mosquitoes (aedes aegypti).

ď We are taking every step to ensure that the breeding points are terminated. We have asked the local urban bodies to change from their existing roster of doing fogging either in the early morning or in the evening and do it throughout the day.

This would increase the duration of fogging, considering the resource constraints, and in the process more areas would be covered in a day,Ē said Dr Pall.

According to data compiled by the district surveillance (IDSP) unit, based on the fogging roster submitted by various local urban bodies, there are some vulnerable areas which have fogging done after a span of 15-20 days which results in spread of adult mosquitoes.

JNAC has two truck mounted fogging machines and 12 handheld sprayers to cover its 12 zones (non-company command areas).

While Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC) has only three truck mounted fogging machines for its three wards and Jugsalai municipality has only one truck mounted machines.

Pall reiterated authorities to ensure proper sanitation, fogging, draining out of accumulated water and spray of bleaching powder.

The officials have also been directed to remain vigilant and visit hospitals and check patients admitted in the city.

“No Aedes, No Dengue. If we can fight H1N1, there is no reason why we cannot fight dengue. H1N1 spreads through air at a faster rate but we managed to stablise it.

We can see these Aedes or vector clearly. There is no reason why we cannot control this,” said another official.

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