Sunday, June 4, 2023

Demand to removal female security personnel from MGM


Jamshedpur: The issue of exploitation of female security guards under G Alert Security Services has snowballed into major controversy at MGM hospital.

A about half a dozen female guards had accused of obscene acts against their own senior officials.

However fifty security personnel deployed in the hospital premises (which include women and men both guards) have come in support of the office bearers and gave a letter to his chief security officer said that the female security charges are baseless.

They must be removed. �The two officials are of clean character. Female guards deliberately are trying to character assassinate.

Lena Mukherjee, Suniya Kmari Paswan, Rina Sandil, Fune Bhanwari Paswan and Baby Paswan demanded immediate removal from office of a security official. The letter has been undersigned by Baldev Singh, Deepak Kumar, Jitender Kumar, Uday Laha, Sujata Devi, Kanak Raj Sharma, Ravi Das Ruby, Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Ajit Paul, and Nand Kishore Gupta.

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