Sunday, November 27, 2022

Defying age, senior citizens team up to organise Durga Puja in Jamshedpur’s Sonari West

Jamshedpur: Age is not a burden, but life begins after 55. With this positive attitude in mind, handful residents of Sonari west area (road: F to N) began putting their heads together during the pandemic to start a Durga puja in the area. Though for nearly three decades Kali puja is organized here but it was deliberated upon, why not a Durga Puja for the residents, who are mostly senior citizens, with their sons and daughters living in other cities or abroad. They can not go and attend far off pujas and feel lonely on the festive days.

A meeting, spread headed by president Goutam Bose, was organized of the “Sonari West Samudaik Bhawan Durga Puja Committee”, comprising of residents in August, to give a shape to the forthcoming Durga puja, which was readily agreed upon by nearly 90% of the locals. Though it can not be denied that there were a lot of road bumpers in the way but defying all, the semi and full grey haired residents, many with walking sticks in hands, but with zeal of teenagers strode ahead to organize the puja, which will begin from October 1.
The members will be preparing special bhog for Ma on all days of the puja and there are plans that “dhunuchi nach” will be done before the idol by senior members. The members have planned to dress differently according to the theme of puja each day, said Kakoli Mukherjee, a devotee of the puja. Plans for ‘bijoya sammilani’ are also in the pipeline.
The puja celebrations began with “Sani god” puja on the evening before Mahalaya. More than 100 people took part in the puja and sought blessings of the lord so that the coming Durga puja is performed without any road blocks, said member Sapan Kumar Mukherjee. It was said that seeing the zeal of the old bones, many of the younger generations have decided to attend the pujas from other cities and even abroad. This enthusiasm has given much leverage to the pujas.

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