Friday, September 22, 2023

DC acts against motorists using cell phones while driving

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Jamshedpur : Riders who use cell phones while driving need to tighten their belts.

DC Amitabh Kaushal sent a warning signal for such mobile users by nabbing a person Anand Kumar of Baridih by nabbing him confiscating his cell phone and bike near Red Cross Society Bhawan near Jubilee Park. The DC ordered his body guard to confiscate his phone.
“We are concern about the safety of the motorists. There is no doubt about the fact that using a cell phone while driving or riding a two-wheeler is hazardous as it diverts the attention from the road.

Many a two-wheeler riders and four-wheeler drivers are found using cell while driving. This caught the attention of the senior police officials and it was subsequently decided that the practice was a threat for the drivers and others on the road as well, and so should be checked,� said an official of the administration.

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