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Cyrus P Mistry Confers Degrees to IMT Graduates

The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad and Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad held the Convocation for the class of 2014 at Ghaziabad campus on March 6, 2014. Cyrus P. Mistry, Chairman, Tata Sons Limited, delivered the Convocation Address on this occasion. The ceremony was presided over by Bakul Nath, Vice-President, Board of Governors, Institute of Management Technology.

Director of IMT Ghaziabad, Dr. Bibek Banerjee addressed the outgoing batch: �During your stay at IMT, you have been nourished on a rich diet of knowledge, skills and attitude, intended to make you fit to excel in the world of practice. In order to ensure success and accomplishment in your professional life, you will need to connect the dots � the theory and simulations with real-world situations and challenges, and combine these inputs with your own ingenuity and judgment, in order to solve the kind of problems that you will be faced with.

�I have been pleased to spot that unique IMT spirit of can-do mingled with humility and an openness to learning from any situation clearly thriving in you. I expect these attributes to blaze your individual trails of glory, may I remind you to keep returning to IMT with your experience and pass on your accrued wisdom to the coming generations of you as well.�

According to Dr. V Panduranga Rao, Director, IMT Hyderabad, �The ultimate aim of education is to make you a better human being and to be able to place the well-being of a larger less fortunate group over your personal goals. It has been attempted to imbibe in you the spirit of learning through questioning and discussion and inculcate logic, reasoning, team spirit, tolerance for ambiguity, sincerity, dedication and enterprise through classroom and extracurricular activities. It is expected of you to be at the forefront in creating opportunity for others, in furthering the cause of national growth and in raising the bar of professionalism.�

In the words of the esteemed chief guest of the ceremony, Cyrus P. Mistry, Chairman, Tata Sons Limited, �The most significant of the challenges beset upon the industry across the world is to ensure high standards of ethical conduct and good corporate governance that stakeholders expect from corporate sector. Long term commitment to values need to be demonstrated by the industry leaders. In an increasingly interdependent world, young managers are required to develop the sensitivity to societal concerns, and use the many tools that are available.�

The theme of Convocation, Norming Excellence, commits to inculcate, refine and polish everyday aspects of life, the ability to look at ordinary things from a different perspective is gained, a hitherto unavailable point of view which impels and warrants a different action to the same input. This leads to a marked difference in the way we go about with routine tasks at the workplace, an increase in efficiency and effectiveness as well as the ability to glean new insights and identifying hidden patterns.

The Chief Guest awarded diplomas to PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management), DCP (Dual Country Program), PGDM-Executive and the PGDM-Part time students. The students belong to the following specialisations: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and International Business. The event was also marked with the traditional IMT Ghaziabad way of felicitating the distinguished alumnus of the year, Mr. Suprakash Chaudhuri, MD, SAP India & sub-continent.

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