Friday, September 24, 2021

Jamshedpur: Criminal cases against Tata Cummins officials soon

Jamshepdur, Aug 4:  Cases will be lodged against Tata Cummins senior officials within a day or so over suspension of Tata Cummins Workers Union former general secretary and steering committee member Arun Kumar Singh. 
Though company has informed that labour department will be lodging cases during a meeting with members of steering committee of the union. 
The meeting was called by former plant Manish Kumar Jha and HR head Manish Kumar Jain in which it was informed that labour department has lodged case against company management  over suspension of Arun Singh and that the company has taken it as a challenge and is prepared for the legal battle with help of a battery of lawyers. 
When contacted, deputy labour commissioner Rajesh Prasad said permission has received from the  state government for filing of case and case would be lodged within a day or two. 
Those officials against whom criminal cases would be lodged include MD Ashwath Ram, associate director Anjali Pandey, Rajeev Batra, director Girish Bag, Rajendra Patekar, Asim Mukhopadhya, Jonathan White, HR head Pallavi Desai, plant head Manish Kumar Jha and senior general manager Dipti Maheshwari.
The labour department has cited that in the suspension of Arun Singh the company has gone out of the Industrial Dispute Act 1974 provisions for standing orders on illegal labour behaviour. Two different actions have been taken in one case. 
Four union officials had indulged in fighting and nobody lodged a complaint at the local thana and while one official was suspended while three others were allowed to go scot free. 

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