Saturday, October 23, 2021

Corrosion monitoring enhances life of engineering components

Jamshedpur, May 25: Dr Raghuvir Singh, coordinator, MPIC-2016, presented a lecture on techniques for corrosion monitoring on day 2 of Monitoring and Prevention of Industrial Corrosion (MPIC) at NML here on Wednesday.

He emphasized on the importance of corrosion monitoring to enhance the life of engineering components. He also highlighted the life prediction of industrial equipment and component using different corrosion evaluation methods.

During the hands-on training session, Dr. Singh demonstrated various methodologies for determining the localized corrosion such as pitting, crevice, stress corrosion cracking and corrosion rate measurement. The delegates present showed a lot of interest in learning the corrosion measurement techniques, which they can apply at their plant and laboratories.

CSIR-NML scientist, Dr. Sharma Paswan delivered a speech on how the oxidation of various metals and alloys can be affected by different temperature. He focused on how the coatings can reduce the high temperature oxidation.

Principal scientist, Dr. Sarmishta Palit Sagar talked about corrosion inspection by different non-destructive test methods.

She narrated about many such techniques that are useful to determine the health of the engineering components at the plant site.

The participants experienced hands on training and visited different units, such as NDT, corrosion, coatings, etc. They also seen the lacquer, developed for brass and copper to minimize tarnishing or corrosion.

Delegates were extremely excited to know the NML facilities and technologies in the area of corrosion tests and NDT.

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