Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Contract workers of Nuvoco protest for salary

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Jamshedpur: Demonstrations were held at the Nuvoco company gate at 7 am to 9 am on Thursday under the leadership of Youth INTUC leader Rajiv Pandey over the wages of contract laborers employed at the Jojobera cement plant Nuvoco Vistaas Corp. 

The workers have announced to agitate for not giving wages on time, not paying the stipend, not giving increased salary by the government, not providing government facilities like PF, ESI etc.

 The workers said that their movement will continue till they get all the facilities.Congress leader Chandan Pandey also reached the company gate with his supporters to support the workers and called a ruckus. It was said that earlier there was a complaint from the contractors here, there was a ruckus about not paying overtime money. Later the management had assured that all other facilities would be provided along with the wages of the workers on time, despite the management of the company not retaining its old attitude. The movement was postponed following an agreement between the company management and INTUC leaders.

The company management assured to meet all the demands of the workers within a week. The performance of the contract employees was led by INTUC leader Rajeev Pandey, in front of the company’s CSR officer Atul Kumar, Rajeev elaborated the demands of the contract employees.

During this time, the benefit of the new rate of minimum increase by the Government of Jharkhand was given to all the contract employees, to pay the outstanding salaries to the employees from whom the work was taken during the lockdown period, to give the monthly salary to the employees on time through the bank demanded. Rajiv has demanded from the management that a common committee consisting of management and union members be formed.

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