Friday, March 31, 2023

Congress will not bow to Modi government’s terror tactics: Rakesh


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Jamshedpur, June 15: Jharkhand Pradesh Youth Congress Committee General Rakesh Sahu vehemently condemned the incident of Delhi police entering the New Delhi party headquarters and assaulting party workers and journalists present there. In a press communiqué the state Youth Congress General Secretary said, “Modi Ji, remember that the entire nation is witnessing this orgy of terror and atrocities that your government is unleashing which, reflect the frustration and apprehension of the central government. The terror tactics of the central government includes the torture that the Congress National leader, Rahul Gandhi is being subjected to.”

Rakesh Sahu, in his press statement on Wednesday stated that the Modi government and other BJP leaders were a disconcerted lot because the Congress was not bowing to them. He mentioned in the statement, “The Modi government at the centre is probably forgetting that the Congress never bowed to the British rulers and would never do so to the elements threatening the unity of the country. Congress leaders and workers have made sacrifices for the sake of the country and democracy, but did not learn to bow down.” Rakesh said, “The Congress is standing firmly against the dictatorial government and will continue to do so. We will fight against this Modi Ji led central government that is unleashing various modes of oppression and we will emerge winners. The Congress stands firmly with the journalists who are reporting impartially.”

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