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Congress pays tributes to Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary

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Jamshedpur : Glowing tributes were paid to the former prime minister, the late Indira Gandhi�s 96th birth anniversary here on Tuesday.

The main function was organised at District headquarters at Tilak Pustakalya.

Leaders said that Indira was not only a guiding force of Indian politics, she left her marks on international politics as well. She had vision of making India the strongest country in the world and laid stress on development of basic infrastructure, said.

PCC secretary Bharat Singh, Youth Congress Committee also organised programmes to pay tributes. Vijay Bahadur Singh M Yusuf, Balwind Mangat, Ram Lal Paswan, Manoj Chakravarty, Balram Singh, Surendra Singh were present. On the occasion Parasuram Misra, Ramuday Thakur, Krishan Khanna, Shakti Singh, Sandeep Singh, Raj Chawla, Mahadev Singh, Ram Kumar Sharma, Santosh Sahu, etc. were also present.

Youth Congress organised a programme at Sakchi. Congress leader Rajesh Shukla, Rakeshwar Pandey attended the program that was led the Youth Congress Committee general secretary Rakesh Sahu. On the occasion of Usha Singh, Manjit Anand, Nalini Sinha, Ashish Mukhi, Kshtij Ray, Surendra Sharma, Manoj Gupta, Santosh Oraon, Kamlesh Sahu, Dharma Rao and Manoj Thakur etc. were present.

Gandhi, was born on November 19, 1917 in the politically influential Nehru family. She was the first woman Prime Minister of India.

She always dreamt of a strong and developed India and that’s why she encouraged Information Technology and also gave a new thrust to the rural India by strengthening Panchayati Raj.

She gave a new look to the country’s foreign policy and solicited disarmament for establishment of peace in the world. She dream of a modern and developed India is on the thresh hold of being fulfilled and the nation gratefully remembers his multifaceted contributions in the nation building.

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