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City students study CSIR’s contribution in development of New & Digital India

Jamshedpur, Sept. 23: �CSIR capsule exhibition� organised by CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur as a part of CSIR platinum Jubilee celebration with �a national exposition of CSIR’s contribution to the nation building, �concluded on September 23.

The emphasis is to bring industries, research institutes & academic organizations closer to each other for the explosive development of Indian economy via CSIR Technologies, Products and Technological services.

The concluding day programme was scheduled for 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, which comprised of an overview of Indian Science and Technology, Documentary film show on CSIR’ Technologies and Contributions to the Nation Building.

The objective of this event is to disseminate the knowledge in terms of Technologies, Products & Technological Services of CSIR as a whole to attract Academia, Industries, R&D fraternity and common people of India to know the contributions of CSIR since 75 years of its journey towards the development of New & Digital India.

More than 2000 students from 37 schools, colleges, technical institutions, and engineering colleges and around 350 wards and CSIR-NML Family members visited CSIR capsule exhibition stall.

The students and faculty member were delighted to know about CSIR products like – Swaraj Tractor, drug for asthma, malaria, baby food available in the market for common people.

Most of the students were happy to express how the visit to the capsule helped in improving their attitude towards science. Few students said that lab visit helped them to know the practical application of science and different outstanding research going on in the field of science.

Most of the students and teachers said that the CSIR Capsule was very informative and brought about a lot of ideas in the career development of the students under one roof in all endeavors of S&T carried at CSIR Labs.

The exhibition provided the industries an ample opportunity to know the latest CSIR development in the field of Science & Technology and also, it will encourage the industries the possibilities of tying up with any laboratories of CSIR.


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