Tuesday, March 28, 2023

City meat shops hopeful for bumper sale for New Year


Jamshedpur : As the year comes to an end the city meat shops are slowly increasing the volume of livestock for the grand finale. The increasing demand for meat by Jamshedpur during the end of December is a normal phenomenon and the butcher shops have to cater to it.

The average expectancy of these slaughter houses is 30-40 goats and about 5-10 quintals of chicken per shop. Meat shops at several places can be seen getting more and more livestock to meet the needs of the people.

The owner of Nizam meat shop at Jugsalai said, We are getting prepared for January 1 and around 30-40 goats will be culled during the year end and we are expecting sales worth Rs 30,000-40,000.

The proprietor of Singh meat shop said, A total of 25-30 goats will be culled and we are expecting a sale of Rs 50,000. The possessor of a chicken shop at Sakchi bazaar said, I cannot estimate the amount of sale that I will be able to make but approximately 1-2 quintals of chicken will be slaughtered.
Sidhnu, owner of the Mahto meat shop also having a branch near Baghbera More said, We are expecting a total of 70-80 goats will be incised. There are no wholesalers so we have to arrange for the stocks on our own.

Another chicken shop near Mango colony is all prepared for the heavy demand from the people. The owner said, We are keeping a stock of 10-12 quintals and with such a huge amount of poultry we think that we will be able to meet the heavy demand.

People like celebrating with their families and friends either at their own place or going to some picnic destinations. The non-vegetarian families can be seen making merry by cooking or bringing cooked food from home which includes a huge amount of meat.

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