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Christmas Food Festival at �Chopsticks� starts Dec 23

Jamshedpur, Dec 17: The Christmas season is a time when traditional are dishes eaten � dishes that are associated with Christmas and which are rarely prepared at other times of the year.

The Boulevard Hotel brings you some of the most popular traditional dishes of Christmas at their multi-cuisine restaurant �Chopsticks�.

Stuffed roast chicken � a whole chicken filled with a stuffing of cereal, vegetables or meat combined with herbs and spices that enhances its taste, Chicken Galantine � de-boned, stuffed chicken, decorated and served cold, and vindaloo.

Some other popular dishes enjoyed during Christmas and which will be served are Thai vegetable curry with rice, sorpotel, fish and a variety of starters.

The most popular dessert is, of course, Christmas pudding or plum pudding. Traditionally, everyone in the household stirs the pudding mixture while it is being prepared and makes a wish while doing so.

It is common to include small silver coins (wrapped in wax paper) in the pudding mixture. The ones, who get these coins in their serving, keep them.

The coin is believed to bring wealth in the coming year. A Kalkals (a sweet) are also enjoyed by most people celebrating Christmas. Christmas Food Festival from the 23rd of December,2014 to the 5th of January, 2015.

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