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Choral Recitation highlights tremendous talent of Hill Top students


Jamshedpur, Jan 31: Choral Recitation Programme organized for the students of class LKG to IV at Hill Top School concluded on Saturday.

The Primary Assembly Area of the school was packed with parents, teachers and students gathered to watch their children/students recite their masterpieces. A choir of innocent voices echoed the venue as the recitation was simply magnificent.

The competition was held in English and Hindi were the students put a brilliant performance reciting: The world is ours, My imagination, The Caterpillar and the Butterfly, Once an elephant had a cold and Motherís tears were some of the English poems presented.

In Hindi pooch aur mooch, prakriti ki sundarta, sone ka anda, hamara pyara bharat and haso to saath hasegi dunia were recited by the students.

As the results were declared LKG D was declared first in English followed by LKG C. In Hindi LKG C was first while LKG B was second.

UKG D was first in English followed by UKG A while in Hindi UKG B was first and UKG A was second. Class 1 C was first in English followed by 1D. In Hindi Class IC was first and class 1 D was second. Class II C was first in English while II B was second. In Hindi II A bagged the first prize while II C was second.

From Class 3 in English students of III A were first followed by III D, In Hindi III A was first and III D was second.

Class IV D was first in English followed by IV C while in Hindi IV B was first and IV D stood second.

All applauded the little children in their colorful costumes and acknowledged the hard work put in by the teachers, who took the trouble to train these little children.

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