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Children can get lost in competitive world without proper guidance


Jamshedpur, April 3: The three days Teachers Training Workshop on Lions Quest: Skills for Adolescence for high school teachers of Jamshedpur was inaugurated today by Rajeev Ranjan, District Governor at the Nature Education Centre, Tata Zoo with twenty eight teachers from eleven high schools attending. The workshop has Ratna Choudhry as Resource Person.†

Chief Guest Rajeev Ranjan, District Governor elaborated the present scenario and the challenges being faced by the students today. He said today with the change in the family set up and with increasing access to different avenues, threats too has got manifold. If students are not provided proper guidance by the parentís or by the teachers then the chances are they will get lost in the competitive world, loose confidence and thrust. Student today are very talented and given an opportunity can do miracles.†

Speaking at the occasion Kanchan Singh, District Governor (Elect) elaborated the different service projects being carried out by Lions Clubs members and said Lions Quest is their international project after Lions Sight First programme. He emphasized that many more such workshop for teachers will be conducted across the state so that both teachers and students are made confident of handling each other and face the challenges of life.†

Ratna Choudhry, Senior Trainer, Lions Quest, who has come from New Delhi, appreciated the Lions in making the international SFA programme accessible to schools in Jamshedpur. She emphasized on parents as well as the role of the teachers so that the children are made to enjoy learning along with developing their different skills and desist the negative and peer pressure. She was very much impressed the way the programme is going on in Jamshedpur.

She narrated her experience of interacting with SFA students and found the students very responsible and very good in communicating and in analyzing what is good and what is bad. ďThis is the beauty of Lions Quest programme where adolescents are made aware of negative pressures and are provided opportunities to develop their skills. She appreciated the Lions Club members especially Rajnish Kumar for his devotion and commitment to the cause of the adolescents.†

Madhav Lakhotia, District Chairperson, Lions Quest also shared his experience. Rajnish Kumar, First Vice District Governor (Elect) presided over the inaugural function. Anil Oraon, Region Chairperson, Chairperson extended the vote of thanks.†

On the first day the participants went through Workshop Overview, Creating a Learning Community of Caring Relationships, Creating a Learning Community of High Expectations for Positive Behaviour, Programme Overview † and Materials Review.†On day 2 the workshop will start at†9 am and will cover Reflection on Day one, opening activity, the four Phase Lesson.

Design †& Instructional Strategies for Teaching, †Social & Emotional †Skills, Energizer, Building Social & Emotional Competencies with Lions Quest † †and Planning for Now Itís Your Turn.†

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