Friday, January 21, 2022

Centre declares six Jharkhand roads as National Highways

Ranchi, Sept 21: Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Monday thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Roadways & Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari for consenting six roads of the state as National Highways. The Govt. of India has found these roads fit for the National Highways grid.

Its total length is 530 km. With its inclusion, the total length of National Highways in Jharkhand will be 3184 km which is 39.9km / 1000 square km. it should be noted that the national ratio of National Highways is 30.4km/ 1000km . From population point of view, the ratio of National Highways is 10.2km/ per lac in Jharkhand as compared to 8.3 km/ per lakh national ratio.

The CM said that realizing & underlining the possibilities of transportation, the govt. had requested the Union govt. to approve 6 state roadways as National Highways. Later the CM personally met Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi & Roadways & Shipping Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari & requested them to consider the matter.

The roads which were requested for consideration are following: Dubiakhar- Betla- Garu-Mahuadand- Kusumi- Rajapur (Chhatisgarh) will be connected to NH 343, Gobindpur-Dumri- Mahuatand will be connected to NH 43 at Jaspur, Godda (NH 133 ) Sundarpahari- Pakur ( N.H. 133 A), (Madhupur N.H. 114 A )Margomunda- Laharjori-Margomunda- Jamtara ( NH 419), Junction of Bishanpur- Netarhat- Mahuatand near Ghagra N.H.143 A and Hatgamharia (N.H.-20) Jagganathpur- Baraiburu-Sadal- Manoharpur- Anandpur-Beno-Kolebira (N.H.143).

The Road & Transport Ministry of the Union Govt. will prepare D.P.R. & on the basis of D.P.R. all the mentioned roads will be notified as National Highways.

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