Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Careless and uncontrolled speed driving account for lives and limbs in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, Dec 29: The mounting cases of road accidents have deepened concern limnes on the foreheads of the district administration and the citizens. None of the accidents that are filling the pages of daily newspapers and local news channels are minor. These mishaps have been accounting for precious lives and severe injuries. The trigger point is not far to seek as rash and uncontrolled driving have now become the order of the day. Well, almost.

The craze for racing motorbikes has increased by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. When teenagers or those who have just grown some facial hair pester parents into acceding to their demands with loans from banks and other mushrooming lending institutions irrespective of cutthroat lending rates, the dark clouds of threat begin to loom over the horizons. These bikes are priced at a minimum of Rs One lakh and then the sky is the limit for jazzier the bikes are higher the prices.

These speed demons with an occasional girl in tow, speed along the roads, zigzagging through an overawed traffic. Such guys have caused quite a few accidents killing themselves and some unfortunate others in the bargain. But blaming these semi-skilled, uncouth and unchastized monsters would be only half the tale. Some sordid accidents have happened due to no fault of some. But the common denominator is reckless speed accounting for losing control over the vehicles, be they three, four or more wheelers. Trucks parked on roadsides, speeding trailers or trucks too have curtailed life in many cases. The point of concern is the moment one steps out of the house, death starts lurking oe at least some serious injury. On Tuesday a speeding car met with a severe accident in Potka. Marine Drive is one accident prone area in the city which is an open invitation to monstrous speed. Two youth, Satish Kumar and Saurav Kumar Chakraborty of Sonari were scooting along the Marine Drive when a speeding car driver lost control of the vehicle and dashed them from the rear. The impact was such theat the scooter riders collided with a Haiwa that was moving along in front. The speed of the car could be gauged as, after hitting the scooter riders, it hit the divider and damaged it and finally came to a stop after crashing into an electric pole. The airbags in the car saved the lives of the occupants but landed the two young Sonari lads in hospital with severe wounds.

On Sunday evening, Bhalubasa-Sitaramdera resident Shubham Das was traveling with his mother on his motorcycle when a trailer truck hit them from behind. Shubham died on the spot. On Monday afternoon, a car hit a stationary truck at Daruda under Ichagarh police station. The four occupants in the car, all from Adityapur, died on the spot. An entire family was wiped out in the holocaust of the accident.

It is not that the district administration or the police are sitting idle. Certain strong measures will be launched any day. The pressure horns in two wheelers and those offensive bike silencer pipes with specially fitted gadgets that emit bullet fire sounds will become illegal and punishable. Senior persons have been reported to have suffered shocks due to the pressure horn honking and the ‘silencer bullet sprays.’ If only some form of check to prevent speeding and brash driving could be devised, the city will definitely get back the paradise it has lost.

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