Sunday, October 1, 2023

BJP spokesperson seeks audit report of Telco schools

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Jamshedpur: District BJP spokesperson Ankit Anand here on Wednesday demanded that the private schools of Telco should make public their audit reports of the last five years. He said the former Secretary of the Human Resource Department of the Government of Jharkhand Aradhana Patnayak had issued an order in this regard way back in 2015.

He sent a letter to the secretary of Shiksha Prasar Kendra, Telco, enclosing therein the letters issued by the District Superintendent of Education Banke Bihari Singh asking all private schools to comply with the orders of the HRD secretary.
Anand said the private schools should be compelled to make public the records of their expenditures. He said the CBSE and ICSE Board had issued circulars asking the private schools to put such information on their school websites.

�The HRD secretary had ordered that the private schools should make available their audit reports of the last three years to the DSE. But some of the schools have not done so,� said Anand.

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