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Big challenge for Trade Union to guarantee jobs for workers in era of technology: INTUC President

Sanjeeva Reddy gets �The 24th Michael John Memorial Lecture Gold Medal� award

Jamshedpur, May 2: Tata Workers� Union (TWU), Jamshedpur today honored Dr G Sanjeeva Reddy, President, Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), with �The 24th Michael John Memorial Lecture Gold Medal� award for his contribution towards Trade Union leadership in the country.

Dr G Sanjeeva Reddy was the speaker at the 24th Michael John Memorial Lecture organized by the Tata Workers� Union at the Michael John Auditorium, Jamshedpur. T.V Narendran, CEO and MD, Tata Steel, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest while Rajendra Prasad Singh, General Secretary, INTUC, was the Guest of Honour.

Speaking on the topic �Future of Work�, Dr Reddy said �I have worked with Michael John in the past. He has given great contribution to the Tata Worker�s Union. I have learnt a lot from him�. He further said that �The Worker is a social partner of the industry. New Technology increases Productivity, Profitability of any industry but it reduces manpower, hence jobs are lost. Today due to global competition industries have to be updated with technology, skill, price and quality. It is a big question in front of Trade Union now as to how jobs can be guaranteed for workers�.

T.V. Narendran congratulated the Tata Workers� Union for organizing the Michael John lecture. According to him �The topic of the lecture is very challenging. We are living in a disruptive environment. Many industries have closed down due to increasing intervention of technology. But it is also true that new jobs are created by new technology. We need to adapt to the changing trend.� He added that �Tata Steel has always thought about the future, hence it is competitive even after 110 years. At Tata Steel, Management and Union have always worked together�

Rajendra Prasad Singh, Guest of Honour said ” Tata Workers’ Union has a rich history. We need to carry our old legacy led by leaders such as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, J N Tata and work towards a better future”. Putting an emphasis on collaborative effort between Management and Union in finding a solution during a crisis, he mentioned about the Jharia Division closure issue and how together they found a solution in reducing the cost per ton to sustain the mining business there.

R Ravi Prasad, President Tata Workers� Union and Chairman, Michael John Memorial Lecture Committee, said that �It is a matter of pride and honor for us to confer The 24th Michael John Memorial Lecture Gold Medal to Dr G Sanjeeva Reddy today. The Trade Union movement in India has benefitted immensely from Dr. G Sanjeeva Reddy�s unceasing efforts to strengthen the same. He has also provided Trade Union leadership at an international level – from India to the world – over several decades.�

Born on February 18, 1930 in Hyderabad to Narasamma and Sri Achhi Reddy, Dr.G Sanjeeva Reddy has been a leading light in social activities, which also established him in the political sphere as a leader of choice.

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