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Bhojpuri community gets warm welcome on arrival at Tatanagar

Jamshedpur, Oct 16: Once a year in Bangkok, an event of spectacular proportions takes place in Silom.

After nine days of fasting and prayer during the Hindu festival of Navaratri, the triumph of good over evil, masses of thousands gather along the roadside, where everybody is free to set up a pop-up shrine, at which fellow devotes may come and pay their respects to the Hindu deity of their choice.

This time the celebrations were much grand for the Bhojpuri community of India as the people of the community were honoured at the festivity on October 5.

The community from Jamshedpur who were a part of the celebrations in Bangkok today was given grand welcome by the members of the Bhojpuri community on their arrival at Tatanagar Railway Station.

After India, Mauritius, Suriname, Trinidad, Nepal, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Bangkok are being spread the reach of the language.

The Navratri festival that is being celebrated at Bangkok witnessed the presence of Pradeep Kumar Singh, film producer and author Dr. Pramod Kumar ( Mumbai ) , folk singer and actress Devi , Arun Dev winner Sur Sangram Singh ( Jamshedpur) , folk singer Pratibha Singh ( Kolkata ) , social worker Vijay Bahadur Singh ( Ballia) , Gyan Chandra Mishra ( Delhi ) and folk artist Mohan Kumar.

Pradeep Singh , Arun Dev Yadav and Arvind Mohan Kumar, Ganga Prasad Prasad Srivastava, Narendra Kumar , Shashi Bhushan Mishra , Jagdish Sharma , Ranjan Dubey , Lalit Pandey , Rajesh, Kvleshhwar Pandey , Rajesh Pandey , Banti Singh , Rajesh Bhojpuri , Shailej Singh , Surendra Sharma , Rakesh Sahu , Neeraj Kumar were also present on the occassion.

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