Wednesday, October 4, 2023

‘Bhagwat Mahapuran is foundation of modern science’

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Jamshedpur: Anurag Krishna Shastri �Sri Kanhaiya Ji� from Vrindavan praising the glory of god and devotee, said, incarnation of the lord is held it is for the welfare of cows and Brahman and for conferring happiness of the world.

Addressing the day 3 of the Bhagwat Katha organised by Rajasthan Kalyan Parishad, Sakchi on Saturday, Anurag Krishna Shastri, said, Brahman represents the religion and cows.

Narrating the story emotionally, Shastri, further said, Shiv Bhagwat Mahapuran is not only a theology but is the foundation for modern science.

A person has to face the challenge for every work he had done and if one wants to avoid this then he/she should take the support of the god which can help against all evil in this era.

The host for the religious programme on Saturday was Natwarlal Modi and Vivek Choudhary.

Present on the occasion were president of Rajasthan Kalyan Parishad Ramkishan Choudhary, Omprakash Ringasiya, Naresh Kauntia, Mahaveer Prasad Modi, Bajrang Choudhary, Bijay Kumar Choudhary, Imprakash Sanghi, Sawanrmal Agarwal, Om Prakash Jhajharia, Suryagyan Chand Modi and devotees in large numbers.

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