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Be judicious while multi-tasking on social media: Pragya Singh


DAV Bistupur students attend E-Soft Skills Session

Jamshedpur, June 11: DAV Public School, Bistupur organized E-Soft Skills Session for the second time via virtual mode for the students of class 8 to 12. The three-day event began on Thursday, June 10.

School Principal Pragya Singh in her inaugural address acknowledged how the pandemic has affected people including her own experiences and furthermore, highlighted about the importance of mental health especially during unprecedented times like these.

Singh mentioned how it has been such a long time since the students have been to the school. Additionally, she made the session interactive by asking the participants about how they have been spending time during the lockdown and also shared her own experience and said that she has been able to spend more time with her family.

Principal expressed her concern about the safety of the children during these times and urged them to be sensitive, humble, passionate and show empathy towards each other.

Through different anecdotes, she motivated children to focus upon their goals, to segregate their aspirations, abilities, projected goals and work upon their action plans.

Pragya Singh encouraged the children to adapt to positive changes, inculcate reading habits and write journals. She also cautioned the children to be judicious while multi-tasking on social media platforms. She advised children to react to disparities with proper reflection and handle things maturely in a civilized and sensitized manner.

She further informed the students about the importance of mental health and also motivated them to wake up early in the morning and try out some exercises to have a great day. Around 95 to 100 students were shortlisted for this E-Soft Skills session. The program was hosted on a track by teachers and student coordinators.

The virtual session saw the youth shape up their world of activities during this pandemic. Children were happy to be able to share their experiences and get a platform to interact with one another. 

The teachers and student coordinators with the help of various presentations and video clippings turned this session into an interactive and informative platform. Day 1 saw an interactive icebreaking session, an informative presentation on soft skills by OP Pathak, a fun activity in Hindi and an enjoyable paper bag activity.  

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