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BDO reviews progress of govt development schemes


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Jamshedpur, May 23: A comprehensive meeting focusing on development was convened at the Block Auditorium Bahragora, with Block Development Officer Rajesh Kumar Sahu presiding over the session. The gathering primarily aimed to review the geo-tags of MNREGA schemes on a panchayat-wise basis, as well as assess the status of Aadhaar collection for workers whose Aadhaar numbers were not linked to ensure accurate and timely payments.

The meeting also encompassed a thorough examination of geo-tags within the cleanliness app. Panchayat secretaries and employment servants responsible for panchayats with insufficient geo-tags were instructed to achieve 100 percent completion before the next meeting. Furthermore, a comprehensive evaluation of panchayat-wise MNREGA schemes, Manav Diwas, and other demands was conducted. The meeting set a laborer demand target and emphasized the need to achieve it in the subsequent gathering.

An additional directive stated that at least five schemes should be implemented in each revenue village. In compliance with government directives, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme) is celebrated as Pradhan Mantri Awas Labhuk Divas, which was also reviewed during the meeting. Housing Day is scheduled to be observed every Thursday in every panchayat.

The attendees were informed that issues pertaining to housing construction for beneficiaries should be promptly addressed. If immediate resolution is not possible, instructions were given to register the problems using the provided form and submit them to the block office. Pending accommodations are to be finalized after consultations with the respective beneficiaries. Additionally, the schemes implemented by the 15th Finance Commission underwent a comprehensive review, with a directive to ensure their timely completion. Furthermore, a review was conducted regarding pensions, particularly addressing concerns related to the pension amount. Beneficiaries were urged to submit their Aadhaar and bank account details to the office. Those eligible for pensions were instructed to submit their applications accordingly. The meeting was attended by the Block Program Officer, Assistant Engineer, Junior Engineer, Block Coordinator, Panchayat Secretary, Employment Service personnel, and other officials.


  1. Appeal to cover Brahmananda Hospital and Ashiana Brahmananda, Vastu village Tamolia comes under two districts of East Singhbhun and Sarikela.
    We are not aware of schemes on development of this area. No roads – street lights. Terrible roads encroachment by shops, workshops. Road side houses put their drainage pipes on main service road, Terrible country liquor shops st every 15 meters. Tractors parking at night and day time on main service road regularly. Commuters at risk. Meat and chicken stalls waste thrown on roads. No agency to regularly keep public road. No care on road side bushes cutting etc. Close to Govind Vidyalaya and Bank of India service road is always chocked with traffic, vehicle parking, drainage water on road.
    Care on public health basic amenities is zero. Media is the right stick to check corruption and help schemes to reach to public. Heavy vehicles Haiwa carrying minerals like sand etc over a old weak bridge. It may collapse at any time. No efforts made to construct a new building.

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