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Batch of 537 aspiring achievers join XLRI

Jamshedpur, June 14: Xavier School of Management (XLRI) on Tuesday welcomed the new batch of students at a ceremony of commencement of the new academic session of 2016.

A total of 537 students joined the illustrious XLRI student fraternity, including the three flagship programs:
Business Management (PGDM-BM: 2016-18 batch) – 183 students, Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM: 2016-18 batch) – 182 students, 15-month General Management Program (PGDM-GM: 2016-17 batch) – 119 students, along with three-year Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM-BM, Part Time: 2016-19 batch) � 39 students.

Students in new batch of Fellow Program in Management (FPM) and Executive Fellow Program in Management (EXEC-FPM) were also welcomed at today’s ceremony.

Fr. E. Abraham, S.J., Director, XLRI, welcomed the students and said, �Many organizations consider their greatest asset to be their good name or reputation.

Big and small firms and lately even educational institutions should nurture their organizations and brands in a sustainable and responsible manner, day-in-and-day-out, or else one fine morning decades of brand-building might suddenly collapse.

Having a high disposable income in your hands does not in any way justify irresponsible celebration thereby harming yourself and other innocent people, and consequently wrecking one�s career and bringing �a bad name to one�s organization or educational institution.�

�XLRI views ethical and responsible behavior as being an integral part of their graduate�s attributes. A student�s ethical awareness includes the ability to understand ethical standards and professional conduct both within the classroom and outside.

It is expected that you will hold and nurture personal values and beliefs consistent with your role as responsible members of local, national and professional communities,� he added.

The new students will be taken through a Special Orientation Program drawn up by XLRI to update their knowledge before regular classes commence.

The first year students will also be taken for XLRI�s compulsory Village Exposure Program and the Outbound Program. Both the programs have been specially designed for the students to create awareness about the realities rural India. ��
Introducing the new batch of students to the accomplished faculty members of the institute, Prof. Pranabesh Ray, dean (Academics), XLRI, commented, �XLRI is known for its academic excellence as well as instilling in its students the right values through courses, activities, events and the environment it creates.

A unique feature in the first term will be the Village Exposure Program and the Outbound Program. Both the programs have been designed to create awareness among the students of life in rural India, as well as the importance of team spirit.

Such an integral and value-based formation will impel the future managers to be innovative, competent and creative leaders.�

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