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Awareness workshop on collection-disposal of harmful household wastes in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, Sept 27: Kaushal Vikas Kendra conducted an awareness camp in Jugsalai for cleaning workers, supervisors and garbage collection vehicle drivers on collection and disposal of dangerous household wastes that could cause injuries and serious ailments. They were informed about waste shaving blades, nail polish, broken utensils, paint tins, empty hair and deodorant containers, insecticide spray cans and other equally dangerous or injurious discarded wastes.

Executive Officer jagdish Prasad explained that it was not sufficient to know the process of clearing dry and wet waste but also to take care of personal health safety while performing garbage removal and disposal work. He provided guidelines to make garbage collection and disposal exercises simpler and safer. He also congratulated the cleaning workers for their good performance during the cleanliness survey and urged them to add more drive to their job.

Cleanliness expert Soni Kumari through electronic presentation explained how dangerous household wastes contaminated land, water and air thereby becoming health hazards. She also demonstrated in her presentation how these elements affected our systems and resulted in skin and gum problems and had an adverse effect on our memory and eyes.

Helmets, jackets and shoes were distributed among the workers. Others present at the awareness camp were City Manager Rajendra Kumar, JE Sanjay Kumar, Cleanliness Specialists Saurav Kumar and Soni Kumari, Supervisors Ajay Singh, Sahendra Singh, Manjit Kumar, Navin Kumar and Hasin Khan.

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