Sunday, June 4, 2023

Attempt to kidnap BJP leader from Jamshedpur foiled


Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, May 26: On Friday, an audacious attempt was made to kidnap Alauddin Siddiqui, a state minister from the BJP, outside the court premises under the Sitaramdera police station. However, the criminals’ nefarious plan was thwarted as Siddiqui managed to escape unharmed. Seeking immediate assistance, he promptly reached the Sitaramdera police station, where he filed a written complaint detailing the incident. According to Siddiqui, he was targeted by Sanjeev Singh, Mukesh Singh, Ujjwal Singh, and two unidentified women, who attempted to abduct him using force and weapons. It was revealed that Sanjeev had been involved in a dispute with Lucky Singh, his fellow BJP social media in-charge, which prompted this malicious plot. Siddiqui explained that he had a scheduled court appearance related to an ongoing land dispute case. After concluding his proceedings, he exited through gate number three and proceeded to his car. At that moment, Sanjeev, Mukesh, Ujjwal, and the two women approached, brandishing a weapon in an attempt to forcibly remove Siddiqui from the vehicle. Fortunately, due to the locked doors of the car, the assailants were unable to carry out their intentions. Sensing the imminent danger, Siddiqui swiftly escaped, managing to reach the safety of the nearby police station.

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