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Arpan distributes Dipawali joy among villagers


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Jamshedpur, Nov 13: Members of social organization, Arpan has been distributing gifts and other essentials among the poor communities on festive occasions. Mahesh Mishra of Arpan observed, “The brightness on the faces of the otherwise deprived people reflect the glow of joy that is spread by the lighting of a million Dipawali lamps.”

Arpan team members on this occasion visited the interior village, Brajpur in Bodam Block and distributed Dipawali requisites including clay lamps, candles, oil, incense sticks and sweets to 75 families. The children of these families were gifted new warm clothes, , crackers, snacks and toffees, and fruit drinks. Sudesh Mukhi, seeing the merriment among the children stated, “These children are Angels of God. The excitement and joy on their faces and the contagious happiness experienced by their elders are their gifts to us in the form of Divine blessings.”

The Arpan team included Mahesh Mishra, Prince Singh, Bibhash Majumdar, Upendra Kumar, Vikram Thakur, Ghanshyam Bharbharia, Suman Kumar, Dhiraj Chowdhary, Taranpreet Singh, Abhishek Pandey, Rahul Tiwary, Dipak Singh, Vicky Tarve, Mohan Das, Shekhar Mukhi, Ravi Gill, Sashi Mukhi, Bittu Mukhi, Manoj Haldar, Raju Kumar, Ravi Khandelwal, Sudesh Mukhi, Prashant Kumar, Suraj Bag, Vikas Gupta, Akash Singh, Sanoj Chandra, Anuj Mishra, Lucky Jaiswal, Anand Dixit, Rama Rao and Vivek Mishra.

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