Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Arjun Sahu murder case: Police arrest three persons including wife

Jamshedpur : In the Arjun Sahu murder case registered with the Sitaramdera police station, the police arrested three persons, including wife of the murder victim.

Those arrested were identified as Ramanand Sahu, younger brother Vikash Sahu and mother Kalo Devi, all residents of Kalyan Nagar in Bhuiyandih.�

The police have seized the chopper with which the assailants had killed the 50-year-old man Arjun Sahu.

Superintendent of police (City) Chandan Jha said all the three assailants, including Kalo Devi has been arrested.

There was serious dispute between Ramanand and Arjun Sahu over ancestral property� since the three years.

Arjun Sahu had two wives.� He did not have good relation with his former wife Kalo Devi and two sons, leading the three used to stay away from Arjun’s house in Kalyan Nagar.�

Ramanand and Kalo had planned a conspiracy, and in the wee hours on Saturday, they killed Arjun while he was in deep slumber at his house.

Jha said yet another accused Guddu Sahu, who is brother-in-law of Ramanand was also involved in the murder, but he has succeeded in fleeing the city.�

He said after committing the murder Ramanand and Guddu had fled the city having parked the former’s motorcycle at Railway Station parking on Saturday early morning.

Surprisingly, Ramanand (25) claimed he has hacked his own father to death, and he has no repentance over his act.

Ramanand said Ramanand said he had married one-and-half-years ago, but could not stay in Jamshedpur as his father was trying to develop physical relations with his wife, leading him to go over to Gaya for saving his wife from his father, but could not do so.

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